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We Grant Wishes – The Prom Blitz Project promotes self-confidence and individual beauty by providing free prom dresses to Grade 12 Graduates who cannot otherwise afford them.

Every year thousands of Simcoe County area Grade Twelve Graduates prepare for the right of passage known as “Prom“. Four little letters that can bring such epic joy and angst to the hearts of graduating grade twelve girls everywhere.

For many of them, prom stress is much more profound than having a date or finding matching shoes. For low income teens prom can represent an insurmountable expense that dooms them to a night at the movies or an evening spent at home. These young women come from many walks of life. Whether come from a broken home, are single moms, with a parent of single income, loss of parents and in foster care or a homeless teen, the reality is that they’ve overcome enough obstacles to even graduate and deserve the right to celebrate such a milestones with their peers. We believe the cost of prom dress shouldn’t hold them back.

Prom Blitz Project – Founded in 2005, A Non-Profit, 100% Volunteer Run Organization

Why Prom Blitz? 

Prom Blitz – Founder Robin Hadfield

Prom Blitz Project was created in the Barrie, Ontario and Simcoe County area by Robin Hadfield and her daughter Kelly when two friends in Kelly’s class were considering not attending their prom due to financial hardships their families faced. Now, a decade later, Prom Blitz Project has helped over a thousand girls attend prom by providing dresses, jewelry and other donated accessories.

Prom Blitz Co-Founder Kelly Hadfield

Many of the girls paired with the fuchsia, cobalt or green gown of their dreams have never owned a dress before visiting the Prom Blitz Project.

“You watch their faces filled with joy as these girls try on different dresses and look in the mirror. Sometimes they cry. Sometimes we cry, too. For all of us, it’s just such a joyful moment.” (Prom Blitz Volunteer)

Prom Blitz Project is a Non-Profit Organization and 100% Volunteer-Run. We are looking for Volunteers, donation of New or Nearly New Dresses, New Jewellery, shoes, accessories and more. For donations, please go to our page for more info. For more information on how to get a dress, check our Get a Dress page or for sponsorship or more information not listed here, please contact via email